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  1. Stan

    iPhone Wallpapers iPhone Wallpaper Size?

    How can you not care about the wallpaper size? The size is 320x480 anything larger or smaller will look bad on the phone.
  2. Stan

    Welcome Hey new here

    Welcome to the site man :)
  3. Stan

     Where did everyone go??

    I am still working on the points, I got tied up last week, but starting today to continue my push on the site :)
  4. Stan

    Worst Game Ever Played?

    Okay I guess im in the Worst Of mood.. So the worst game I had ever played was ET on the 2600. I remember seeing commercials for it for weeks and had to have it. I begged and begged and begged until my mother took me to the store to fork over 50 dead presidents for this box of poop. I got it...
  5. Stan

    Worst Movie?

    So whats the worst movie you have seen... Lets do it this way, Recently and All TIme... So I recently seens GI-JOE.. Okay thats the most recent and All time.. Well there have been so many bad flicks. But the one I couldnt take and left the Theater was Last Action Hero. I just couldnt...
  6. Stan


  7. Stan

    What is your favorite TV Show?

    I just dont understand how they put Elane in the cell with MEN. lol thats was just the worst ending.
  8. Stan

    iPhone Wallpapers iPhone Wallpaper Size?

    Click my username then click View Public Profile. You will see my Album in there.
  9. Stan


    Anyone use Boxee on their Apple TV? Im surprized this was the first post here :)
  10. Stan

    iPhone Cases Pong iPhone radiation blocking case

    I never read that report before. Did it come from Pong? Or was this a legit study?
  11. Stan

    iPhone App Store Rockband is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch

    I guess youll never get Danace Dance Revolution.. Well I never understood that one either lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILg7VBhw2J0&NR=1
  12. Stan

    Obama Kills Foxnews

    I happen to agree with you to a certain extent. I agree that Fox News seems one sided in their view of Obama. But the same can be said with CNN. I dont think I have ever read anything negative in those regards. Anyway lets leave the politics up to the corrupt. :)
  13. Stan

    iPhone Mods and Hacks JailBreak?

    Jailbreaking has become so easy, go to a website and BAM its broken. This is quite easy but the drawback to wanting to play some homebrews is when Apple releases a new firmware, you will have to rejailbreak and the new breaker could take time before its released.
  14. Stan

    iTunes How much tunes are in your itunes?

    Yeah I wonder the same thing, how long does it take to index 10k songs?
  15. Stan

    Netbook or Laptop?

    Thats odd.. THough im not a huge fan of the Acer One it should hold its own. VGA is no problem for it. But you might have to look at what the one shipped with. 1gb memory, atom 1.6 most likly.. Its not meant to be a screamer.
  16. Stan

    Intel fined with record $1.45bil

    My first job was at CompUSA. I remember when AMD purchased all of the endcaps in the stores. In order for AMD to invest such a large amount of money they forced CompUSA to remove all Intel products and hide them behind the Upgrade Dept. Was that wrong? At the time I thought so, but it is a...
  17. Stan

    Obama Kills Foxnews

    I really have no problem with who bashes who at this point. Is it bad that one news organization says everything he does is great? Or that another says everything he does is evil. TO be honest everyone has their own opinions and if the Obama administration doesnt like Foxnews.. Thats their...
  18. Stan

    What is your favorite TV Show?

    Im going to have to go with Seinfeld.. I guess im a bit outdated.. I really dont have time anymore to dedicate to a weekly show.. Last one was Seinfeld.. hmm oh Soprano's but does that even count cause it was on HBO.
  19. Stan

    iPhone Wallpapers iPhone Wallpaper Size?

    I believe I posted a few wallpapers in my album. Enjoy
  20. Stan

    Ipod horrors

    Im here :) Never had any of my pods break though one did fall into my dog's water bowl.. Worked a few days later. I had family issues that popped up right after I posted the contest. I will be advertising :)

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