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Bear Spa @ iBearStory


Dec 16, 2010
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Latest iBearStory series is out! Check out the new Bear Spa.. Get the feel of managing the Bear Spa daily operations, challenge yourself to be a top Spa Manager and earn as much as you can! Manage your customers and provide them your best service. Service them throughout the facilities you got in the Spa, recruit more staff and add on more facilities as you goes on each level.
Guarantee full exciting challenge for you! Do not hesitate accept the challenge today!

Download now at Bear Spa - iBearStory for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

I haven't played this game or any video games like it in the past but from the game's description, it looks like something that's going to be fun to play. As long as it's going to be very challenging, I will like it very much.

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