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Do you pay for extra cloud storage on your iPhone?


Dec 30, 2022
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England, UK
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Something I noticed Apple do and much like even Google do with their service on iPhone is they tend to offer options to pay for extra cloud storage. I believe they start as low as about £0.99 in the UK where I live and then increase if you want more storage.

The lowest option is not bad at all per month if you only need a little extra storage.

Do you pay for extra cloud storage on the iPhone? How much do you pay for extra per month?
I've never paid for extra cloud storage on my iPhone. This is because I don't save a lot on my iPhone. I had more than enough which I don't have use for, so I never needed to pay for an extra.
No, I've not paid for an extra cloud storage on my iPhone. Although, this might change anytime soon because my storage is almost full. I'll be needing extra space.

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