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Have you ever noticed connection issues on your iPhone?


Dec 30, 2022
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England, UK
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Something I have heard some complain about but it does not seem to be a regular problem is how people tend to have connection problems on their iPhones, sometimes when it comes to just being online or even with their network provider that they use.

Is this something you have noticed when using iPhone? That you tend to get connection issues or is this something that you have not experienced yourself?
The only reason why any iPhone is going to be having connection issue is when the smartphone is not a new one. This is the reason why I don't make use of any refurbished iPhone because I know that something must have happened along the way when it was used by the person that have it before I bought it.
I have heard some users who have older phones complain about this; some say the software is meant to be buggy after a certain age.
I've had mine slow down after a few years, even after a complete reset.:oops:

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