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how to make a sushi on your iphone


Dec 16, 2010
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link: SuShi Maker-BearStory for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Sushi Maker is here! Welcome to the Sushi designer’s dreams where you can whip up any kind of Sushi for any type of occasion.

First, select a table and plate .Next, choose the rice,skinned, fixing, ingredients, garnish, seasoning and the others. mix them as you like, we need your doodle style!


I don't usually have much interest in cooking to be very honest with you but I'm open to trying this one out. It's because I love sushi and it's why I'm considering doing this. I'm going to see how it ends eventually.
This thread was made in 2011 so I am curious as to whether this app is still available or not. It seems like the kind of game I could get into for something to do when I have some spare time to be honest and would be ideal for me to have it on my phone. Definitely going to see if this is still available or if there is something similar!
This sounds very interesting. Even though I don't usually like to cook much, l love eating sushi. So, I'm going to make effort to see if I can have access to this and whip up my own sushi.

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