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Netbook or Laptop?


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Oct 14, 2009
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Other then the obvious difference in size it seems that the Netbook is a better bargain, small size, low cost and the same capabilities as a laptop, right?

According to CNET news the netbook "is a streamlined mobile device designed for the Internet, so you can stay connected on the go. Get up-to-date news, the latest scores and weather information, access your e-mail and social networking sites, and enjoy digital videos, photos and music" however, in the next paragraph they say that it DOES NOT have the full capabilities of a computer.... Well, it seems to me for the regular teenager or normal web user like myself the Netbook is a much better and cheaper choice!
Netbooks are really just for basic computer uses..so their processors are relatively slow and they dont have alot of storage room...also they dont have a cd/dvd drive..so most of the stuff teenagers would use it for like transferring their cd collection to their digital library couldnt be done and they would only have limited space..thats why I said I probably get one for my daughter since she is only 3 and could only go on the nick jr site and stuff like that...later when she gets older I will get her an actual computer
i can't wrap my head around the whole netbook concept.

especially since for the price of many of them you could get a full powered notebook.

but it would definitely depend on the user scenario, if all you are really going to do is just email and maybe IM, then it's ok.

But if you are going to need more functionality i'd pony up & just get a notebook and be done. Not to mention that the current iteration devices...video is pathetic, many of them can barely handle skype or vga out.

My money would be going on a laptop, though for Repr0bate's 3 year old...i guess it would be ok.
I have set up video streams in the past using netbooks. I racked my brain to find a mobile solution and recently tested a few netbooks (Acer, Asus) after a few tests I have to admit they stream the video perfectly even in HD. I tested this while running outlook with a 2gb mailbox size that was opened. Thats nornally the killer of machines.

Anyway Netbooks are perfectly fine for most normal people who do not have the needs of lets say a graphic artist.. But even laptops have the same issue.. HMM..
Yeah you are both right, I see both your points, although the price is lovely and I bet many people will be buying them for these holidays as gifts they are not for some individuals. These netbooks go for as low as $250 and do claim to keep you connected but like both of you mentioned a teenager will most likely need a CD/DVD drive and will need more space... yeah, adding a couple of hundred dollars more one can get a full powered functional notebook. :(
i had a classmate try to give a presentation with her Acer Aspire 1, and we're talking just hooking it up to a vga projector, and it could barely output the video...flickering and the like, picture wasn't very clear either...was not impressed.
Thats odd.. THough im not a huge fan of the Acer One it should hold its own. VGA is no problem for it. But you might have to look at what the one shipped with. 1gb memory, atom 1.6 most likly.. Its not meant to be a screamer.
I'm very comfortable with using Laptop. It's why I don't have any use for Netbook. HP have always been my favourite laptop brand but I'm looking forward to getting a new brand. What do you think about DELL?
I myself have used both a laptop and a netbook in the past and a netbook is great if you are just using it to browse online, maybe post on forums, do work, check emails, or even social media but I wouldn't say it is good for anything too strenuous at all. A laptop is more for things like I mentioned previously and also for gaming and such as well.
I'm very comfortable with using Laptop. It's why I don't have any use for Netbook. HP have always been my favourite laptop brand but I'm looking forward to getting a new brand. What do you think about DELL?

I myself have used Dell in the past and I had a bad experience with their products, that doesn't mean everyone will though as I know people who have used their products and been really happy with them.
I've used both Notebook and laptop but because I'm more used to laptops, it's going to be my pick. There's nothing wrong with using Notebook at all. It's a great device.

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