New Interesting Action Game Nuclear Ragdoll for iPhone


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Jan 18, 2011
Nuclear Ragdoll is an absolutely action packed game for your iPhone to test your aiming skills.
Quick reflexes, observation and aiming is required for hitting the target by using cannons in order to shoot the ragdolls.

In each level obstacles varies and you have unlimited number of ragdolls. Great animation with amazing sound for a superb game play. Try this game and you will not let go of this for quite sometime. Beware, this is a very addictive game.!

iTunes Link: Nuclear Ragdoll for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store


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Dec 25, 2022
For sometime now, I have playing video games more on my smartphone than I used to play on my Playstation 4. It's because I don't get to stay at home too long that makes me play more on my iPhone. I'm going to check this game out and know if I would like it.