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Will you be picking up the next new iPhone?


Dec 30, 2022
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England, UK
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If we go by previous years with Apple and the release of their iPhones, I would like to say that it may not be long before we see another announcement about a new iPhone coming soon. It's usually around September/October that you end up seeing something announced by Apple if they are going to.

If a new iPhone is announced by Apple, will you be picking it up when it's released?
No, I wouldn't be buying the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year. I have enough budget on my table that needs to be taken care of and I cannot add the cost of another $1000 Plus for me to upgrade to a new iPhone to the list.
I'm very good with my current iPhone 14. It's only one year old, why would I be looking at buying a new iPhone? I'm of to the opinion that if your current iPhone is still serving you, there's no need to buy another new one.
I am still running the 13 Pro; my phones last me a long time as I keep them in a case; however, I think I may upgrade this fall.

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They are getting ready for launching iPhone 16 by September. Who would be getting the release this September? I might end up upgrading from my iPhone 14.

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